Hideo Kojima Debuts Death Stranding Key Art Following Bizarre Trailer

Death Stranding gets movie-poster quality key art to accompany the bizarre new trailer, according to a brand new tweet from Hideo Kojima on the PS4 title.

on December 8, 2017 12:11 AM

It’s been less than an hour since the reveal of Death Stranding’s latest trailer, and I don’t think anyone has fully recovered. With that said, developer Hideo Kojima immediately took to Twitter to reveal the brand new key art for the game — prominently featuring Norman Reedus.

Seen in the Tweet below, the brand new images look like they could be movie posters. Norman Reedus’ character is clutching the baby, as his weird flashlight attachment is focused on something. As Reedus’ character is looking somewhere off in the distance, the baby is looking directly at us — the viewer.

At this point, most of the gaming community just wants a clue of what Death Stranding‘s storyline is — including possibly Guillermo del Toro who said in a Reddit AMA that he has been hands-off for the process.

Death Stranding is currently a PS4 exclusive, with no known release date. However, perhaps we will be hearing more news about that at PlayStation Experience, which begins tomorrow. Check out the terrific-looking key art, below:


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