Hideo Kojima Keeps Showing New, Blurry Images of Death Stranding and It’s Driving Fans Wild

Hideo Kojima Keeps Showing New, Blurry Images of Death Stranding and It’s Driving Fans Wild

New screenshots of Death Stranding have been shown recently, but it's hard to tell what we're looking at.

If you follow Kojima Productions head Hideo Kojima in Twitter, you may have noticed in recent weeks that he has been teasing new work on the studio’s upcoming title Death Stranding more than usual. Not only has Kojima blatantly been showing himself seemingly working on a new video for Death Stranding over the last few days, but he’s also just straight up been showing some screenshots of the game in action. The only problem is, we can’t really make out what’s happening in the images.


Starting around the beginning of this month, Kojima shared the first picture in question of what looked to be Death Stranding being displayed on a monitor in the background. We can’t really see what is being shown on the screen very well due to it being blurry and partially chopped off in the picture, but we can see a character that just seems to standing. Whether or not it’s the game’s protagonist of Sam, played by Norman Reedus, is hard to say.

What makes this picture all the more interesting is that some fans noticed what looks to be a potential new poster or piece of art for Death Stranding at the very bottom of the image. We can just barely see the Death Stranding logo on whatever the object is and we can also see a clear shade of red. Some fans seem to think that this is a poster featuring The Man with the Golden Mask (the character voiced by Troy Baker in the featured image of this article) due to how he has previously been seen holding a red version of one of those baby carrying devices — I have no idea what those are called.

The second image Kojima ended up tweeting out came more recently on May 6. Of all the new images he has been posting, this is the hardest of the bunch to make out. Again, we can see what seems to be Death Stranding on a TV in the background behind some snacks. Since the image is blurred and in black and white, it’s even harder to tell what we’re looking at but it seems to again be Sam.

The third and final image that Kojima posted within the past few days is likely the easiest to see of this group, but there’s still not a lot to infer from the picture. Attached with the caption, “Me and Sam are having a break,” Kojima showed the game again running on a TV with a DualShock 4 in the foreground. As for what’s on the screen, we can see Sam who is either standing or kneeling in some tall grass. This picture looks very reminiscent of some of the shots we saw in the game’s trailer at E3 2018.

Even though this isn’t confirmed in the slightest, I’m hoping that Kojima’s to even show small glimpses like this over the past few weeks means that we’re about to see quite a bit more of Death Stranding very soon. Kojima has said we could see more within this coming month or so and I’m just hoping that he’s being truthful. If we’re lucky, maybe this Thursday during PlayStation’s State of Play stream we’ll end up seeing some more of Death Stranding. Until then, I’ll just have to keep putting on my tinfoil hat and seeing if there’s anything deeper revealed in these pics with many other fans.

Death Stranding still doesn’t have a release date but it is scheduled to come to PS4 whenever it comes out.