Death Stranding’s “Decima” Engine Revealed by Hideo Kojima; it’s Guerrilla Games’ Engine

Death Stranding’s “Decima” Engine Revealed by Hideo Kojima; it’s Guerrilla Games’ Engine

During a panel at PlayStation Experience presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Anaheim, California, Hideo Kojoma officially revealed the engine he is using for his new game Death Stranding.

The engine is named “Decima” and, as rumored, is Guerrilla Games’ proprietary engine, that was used for Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s also an evolved version of the engine used for all previous games by Guerrilla.

The trailer was running fully in real time on PS4 Pro, and according to Kojima-san, it’s the engine is what makes it possible.

Kojima-san also mentioned that he had a “very good feeling” from the first time he met the folks at Guerrilla Games. It’s not just a matter of engine, but the collaboration needs to involve both technology and people.  According to Kojima-san, the folks at Guerrilla are aiming really high with their tech.

He feels that Decima is a “fantastic engine,” very appropriate for open world games. Something that really impressed him, is that Guerrilla Games actually gave him the source code of their engine as soon as they met, without having him sign any contracts or NDAs. This made him feel very special.

Decima is the Greek Goddess of childbirth, and that has a nice connection with creativity, yet there is more to the name, as Kojima-san explained: in Japanese the engine’s name sounds like Dejima, which was an artificial island in Nagasaki during the Edo Period. It was the only place where the Japanese people were allowed to trade with Dutch merchants.

According to Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst, the engine has taken a “quantum leap” in the past couple of years to get ready for the current projects. It’s a lot more than just a rendering engine. It involves AI, phyisics, logics, and includes the entire world-creation tools.

If you want to see the engine in action, you can watch the super-creepy cinematic trailer showcased at The Game Awards just a couple of days ago, and a few new images.