Hideo Kojima Just Showed Off Death Stranding to Developers at Guerrilla Games and Left Them Impressed

Hideo Kojima returned to Guerrilla today three years after initially receiving the Decima Engine source code to show what the structure has allowed him to create in Death Stranding.

The ties between Kojima Productions’ upcoming title Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games have always been quite direct. If you remember back to when Kojima first began working on Death Stranding, his first order of business was to decide what engine he wanted to create the game within. In the end, Kojima decided upon Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine, which was the same used to create Horizon Zero Dawn.

Now, some three years after being given the source code to the Decima Engine, Kojima today returned to Guerrilla Games to show off what he has been able to create within it. Kojima showed a variety of developers his current work on Death Stranding at the studio in Amsterdam and it seems like the employees at Guerrilla were left quite impressed.

Studio co-founder Hermen Hulst tweeted out a few pictures this afternoon of himself and Kojima together. Probably the coolest part of this whole visit is that Hulst said that Kojima brought the demo for Death Stranding with him in the same box that Hulst originally gave to him with the Decima Engine source code within it. As for his thoughts on what he saw of Death Stranding? Hulst said he was left, “so impressed!”

As for other members of the development team, Guerrilla’s Technical Director Michiel Leeuw described the Death Stranding showing as an “amazing demonstration.” He also said that he was, “So proud of what you’ve achieved!”

By far the best image from Kojima’s visit though was a simple one featuring the Death Stranding creator and Hulst with the caption reading, “Decima bros,” while they each donned hard hats. I’m not really sure why they’re wearing those hats, but I’m also kind of okay with it.

While it’ll likely be quite some time before we end up seeing whatever it is of Death Stranding that Kojima showed members of Guerrilla, I think their reactions to what they saw of the game speak for themselves. Check out the final image in the tweet attached below to see what I mean.

Death Stranding is currently slated to release on PS4 but doesn’t have a release window. Hopefully, we’ll finally get more information on the game in 2019 that will change that.

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