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Hideo Kojima Says More of Death Stranding Could be Shown "Maybe in a Month or So"

If we're lucky, our next look at the much-anticipated Death Stranding could be coming just around the corner.

April 29, 2019

We haven’t seen anything about Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding since the game’s latest trailer appeared at E3 2018. If we’re lucky though, we could be getting more to see of the game rather soon.

According to Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima during last week’s panel at the Tribeca Film Festival, he and his team could have more to share about the project within the coming month or so. At the end of the panel, Kojima apologized for not bringing more of Death Stranding to show off, but seemed to indicate that the wait to see more might not be too long. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t show you stuff today. Maybe in a month or so. Maybe?” said Kojima via a translator.

This information comes from Daily Dot’s Michelle Jaworski who live-tweeted the information from the panel. Since the panel itself wasn’t live streamed to watch from home, only those who were in the room to hear Kojima speak could relay the info.

As for what Kojima could have to show off of Death Stranding soon, well, it’s hard to say. The easy guess would be that a new trailer for the game could finally appear, but that might be a bit hopeful. Since Kojima really didn’t define which “stuff” they could be showing in the next month or so, it could be as simple as a new image or two from the game. “Stuff” is a pretty broad term, so don’t get your expectations too high.

Plus, there’s always just a chance that Kojima is trolling everyone and there won’t be anything to see of the game for a while longer. Considering the director’s past instances in which he has tried to play tricks on fans, there’s always the outside chance that he could just be trying to pull a fast one.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Regardless of what’s going on here, I really hope that Kojima is telling the truth and will have more to share of Death Stranding very soon. I’m always on high-alert when it comes to potential news for this game, but over the next month or so, I’ll be even more attentive. Let’s just hope something comes of it.

Death Stranding still doesn’t have a release window, but it’s set to come to PS4 whenever it does release. If recent teases are to be believed, it could also be coming to the upcoming PS5 as well.

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