Death Stranding Launch Trailer Released as the World Tour Begins

Here's that Death Stranding launch trailer you've been waiting for.

Death Stranding is well on the way to launch day, and the build-up has been incredibly anticipated with cameo reveals, celebrity comments, and general excitement from excited fans around the world. Now, a brand new launch trailer has landed ready for the November 8 release.

Prior to the release of the trailer, a stream of a countdown clock over on Twitch was put in place to draw even more anticipation, and if you, like me, were sat waiting for several hours you’ll have been able to hear what is more than likely several tracks for the Death Stranding OST, and I have to say, it was absolutely beautiful to listen to.

The trailer, which was edited by Hideo Kojima himself shows a plethora of new footage. You can find the video below.

Kojima claims that he edited the trailer in a way to help allow people to understand the game better. Which after months of confusion surrounding the games weird story, is a breath of fresh air. The trailer gives us a cinematic look at the game, showing the baby being carried out of a guarded building. Then we see Norman Reedus’ character, Sam preparing for a journey.

We get to see stunning landscapes and desolate areas, but the majority of the trailer shows off exploration elements, action scenes, and cinematics. There’s also some creepy gooey creatures and a flying…whale thing, and there’s a cute shot of the baby having a good stretch in its weird container that Sam carries around.

Also. I want that umbrella. Okay?

The launch trailer actually kicks off the Death Stranding World Tour that’s taking place. The first port of call is Paris at the Paris Games Week that starts today from October 30 until November 3. The tour will continue over to various locations across the world such as London, New York, Berlin, San Franciso, and Tokyo.

It’s not clear what the World Tour is going to reveal at these locations but it’s no doubt a plan to spread the word as we grow nearer to launch day. Additionally, the Death Stranding review embargo lifts on November 1, so I wouldn’t be too surprised for the World Tour revealing even more gameplay features that we’ve not yet seen.

Death Stranding was originally believed to be a PlayStation exclusive title, but news came about the other day that 505 Games are to be publishing the title on PC next year. Although this announcement seems to have caused a stir online with talks of various people canceling their PS4 pre-orders in protest. An odd reaction to allowing more players to experience the game, and an even more odd reaction considering Death Stranding’s major theme is about connecting people.

Death Stranding is set to launch on PS4 on November 8. It’ll launch on PC next year Summer 2020.

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