Death Stranding’s Launch Trailer Will Drop Tomorrow

Death Stranding’s Launch Trailer Will Drop Tomorrow

Set your alarms because the final trailer for Death Stranding now has a release date and time.

Director Hideo Kojima has been teasing for weeks now that he has been hard at work on the launch trailer for Death Stranding and as of now, we know when the trailer is finally set to arrive.

Kojima Productions announced today that Death Stranding’s final trailer before release will drop tomorrow on October 30. The video will debut via a live stream on the official Kojima Productions Twitch channel at what seems to be 9:50am EST/6:50am PST. Currently, the Twitch stream which will showcase the trailer is live, but only a countdown clock is shown for now.

This launch trailer’s release will coincide with the start of the Death Stranding World Tour, which will kick off in Paris, France. The tour will see Kojima and company traveling around the world to other locations such as London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Details on what will happen during these stops haven’t really been given, but Kojima has said it is a way for all of the fans to “connect”, which is one of the major themes of Death Stranding.

We’ll obviously share the launch trailer for Death Stranding with you tomorrow once it goes live. The game is due out on PS4 next week on November 8. Additionally, a PC version of the title was also recently revealed and will be coming next year in Summer 2020.

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