Mads Mikkelsen Can’t Say Anything About Death Stranding or Else He’ll “Get a Visit From Six Strong Japanese Guys”

Mads Mikkelsen Can’t Say Anything About Death Stranding or Else He’ll “Get a Visit From Six Strong Japanese Guys”

During a recent Reddit AMA, Mikkelsen was asked whether or not he could provide any new details about Death Stranding and his response was pretty hilarious.

World famous actor Mads Mikkelsen is currently in the midst of promoting his upcoming film ARTIC, where Mikkelsen plays a man stranded in the artic following a plane crash. The movie seems pretty good and all, but for some fans, they’re more interested in learning more about Mikkelsen and the video game that he’s currently involved with in that of Death Stranding.

In a recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything) promoting ARCTIC, one fan asked Mikkelsen if he could say anything whatsoever about Death Stranding. With news on Kojima Productions’ upcoming title being so secretive, those who are actively following the game are always looking to get just a bit of new information, even if it turns out to be nothing that substantial.

Surprisingly, Mikkelsen actually ended up responding to the question, but he was very cheeky when doing so. “I can say a lot,” said Mikkelsen, “but I would get a visit from six strong Japanese guys real fast if I did.” That’s right, it seems like Kojima is prepared to sick his goons on Mikkelsen if he reveals even the slightest bit of information about Death Stranding. Kojima might seem like a nice guy from the outside looking in, but clearly, he’s much more malicious that it seems.

Jokes aside, it was still funny to even see Mads respond to the question in the first place. There were a few other questions during the AMA related to Death Stranding, and Mikkelsen technically responded to another one in the thread, though he left his response entirely blank. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any news on Death Stranding in this AMA, but at least it made for some good laughs.

Hopefully, more details surrounding the project will start to come out as we progress through the year. Death Stranding is due out at a yet to be determined date but when it arrives, it’ll be out on PS4.

Mads Mikkelsen Can't Say Anything About Death Stranding or Else He'll