Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Has Played Death Stranding, Tells Fans They Aren’t Ready for What’s in Store

Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Has Played Death Stranding, Tells Fans They Aren’t Ready for What’s in Store

Hideo Kojima has let director Jordan Vogt-Roberts play Death Stranding and now he's freaking out about it.

Those who have seen or played Kojima Productions’ upcoming game Death Stranding always seems to be left astounded afterward. Today seems to be no different in that regard as now director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been able to play Kojima’s latest work and he seems to be left in awe of what he saw.

Vogt-Roberts, who previously directed Kong: Skull Island and is slated to direct the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, posted an image of himself, Yoji Shinkawa, and Kojima on Twitter today with the news that he has indeed finally played Death Stranding. “So [Hideo Kojima] let me play Death Stranding! The world is next-level immaculate. It’s like freebasing pure Kojima & Shinkawa,” Vogt-Roberts said. Basically, he seems to think Death Stranding is like smoking Kojima which is, uhhh, a good simile, I think?

Vogt-Roberts went on to then compare Death Stranding to Mad Max: Fury Road and the way it first made him feel upon seeing that film. He also said that it made him wonder how this game even exists in the first place “in the best-most-thankful way.” He ended by telling fans that they absolutely aren’t prepared for what Death Stranding has in store saying, “YOU. ARE. NOT. READY!”

I’d say that Vogt-Roberts seemed to rather enjoy what he saw of Death Stranding, wouldn’t you? In all honesty, did we expect the game to be anything less than the pure insanity that Vogt-Roberts seems to be describing it as? Every trailer we’ve seen for the game so far has seemed to indicate that whatever Kojima and crew are cooking up is going to be crazy, so this reaction seems about in line with my own expectations.

For the love of all that is holy, I really hope we in the general public can start to see more of Death Stranding in the coming months. This has been a very fun game to follow the development of, but I know that I’m finally ready to see more of it for myself. Hopefully, that will finally happen soon.

Death Stranding is slated to come to PS4 but still doesn’t have a release date as of this writing.