Hideo Kojima Says Death Stranding Multiplayer is Similar to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Kojima has again pointed to Into the Spider-Verse as something that shares DNA with Death Stranding.

August 27, 2019

Believe it or not, Death Stranding will indeed have a multiplayer component, but how your own experience will cross over with others hasn’t been detailed much by creator Hideo Kojima at this time. However, in a recent interview at Gamescom, Kojima did open up a bit more about the functionality and drew some comparisons you might not expect.

In an interview with French YouTuber Julien Chièze, Kojima talked about how all players will be connected while they play, even though their playthroughs will all be different. Via a translation from user u/xxxjohnnygxxx on Reddit, Kojima said, “The more you play the more you will notice that he isn’t the only one in this situation. At launch, there will probably be millions of people who will play and you will be connected to them using something.”


When asked just what this “something” might be, Kojima drew a comparison to the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, of all things. “Miles thinks he is the only Spider-Man, then different characters from different alternate dimensions also become Spider-Man and meet up,” Kojima said, reiterating the plot of the film. “All of a sudden Miles is not alone! Of course, Death Stranding will be different but it’s a clue towards what the game is about.” Kojima went on to say that this was all he could say at the time about this aspect of the game right now.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that Kojima has compared Death Stranding to Into the Spider-Verse, either. Last year after first seeing the movie, Kojima tweeted about it and called it a masterpiece. He went on to then say that it shared many themes with both Death Stranding and of his previous work, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

There still seems to be quite a bit that we don’t know about Death Stranding and Kojima is keeping his cards very close to the chest. Hopefully, as we continue to near release, we’ll start to learn more about aspects like multiplayer that will be present in Death Stranding in some manner.

Death Stranding is due out later this fall on November 8, exclusively on PS4.

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