Death Stranding Star Norman Reedus Just Visited Kojima Productions for the First Time

After years of working together, Reedus finally found time to visit Kojima Productions while in Japan.

April 8, 2019

Even though he’s been working on Death Stranding for years at this point, actor Norman Reedus has seemingly never directly visited the studio that is creating the project. That is, until recently.

Over the weekend, Reedus paid a visit to Hideo Kojima and the team at Kojima Productions formally for the first time. Despite having worked with Kojima and company on Death Stranding for such a long time, the mocap and voiceover work that Reedus does for the game apparently has never led to him visiting the studio directly. With Reedus spending time in Japan this past weekend though, he was finally able to make that visit happen.


As Kojima himself shared on Twitter, Reedus signed his name on a board at the studio alongside signatures of others who have seemingly visited in the past. Reedus’ message seemed to say, “2 the genius! Shabu Shabu” followed by his signature. Reedus has frequently called Kojima a genius in the past when talking about what it is like to work with him on Death Stranding. It also looks like Reedus’ signature also happened to just fall underneath a framed picture of Kojima and his BFF Geoff Keighley.

Even though none of what is being shared here affects Death Stranding in a direct way, I’ve always appreciated how much Kojima shares on social channels of moments like this. It’s exciting to see these small instances of game development shared with the public, especially with a project like Death Stranding that is surrounded in so much secrecy. Hopefully, we’ll begin learning a little more about the actual game in question here in the coming months.

Death Stranding is still in development and is slated to release on PS4 at a yet to be determined date.

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