Death Stranding Novels Hit Japanese Bookstores, English Release Still Unknown

Death Stranding has a two-part novelization out now in Japanese bookstores. There's also a Steelbook edition coming this February.

November 29, 2019

In early November, it was revealed that Death Stranding would be getting a two-part novelization based on the game’s plot. Just yesterday the novels finally hit Japanese book shelves and Twitter user JonTaitan posted a picture of the books in question:

Along with the standard versions available now there’s also a Steelbook edition coming out on February 28th, which features gorgeous cover art by Pablo Uchida:

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement of a translation, there’s a good chance for one to happen as the books were written by one of the game’s official writers, Kenji Yano under the pen name Hitori Nojima.


Recently Kojima Productions announced that they will be releasing updates to address the most common accessibility requests from players, such as the ability to increase text size or dispose of individual vehicles. The updates are currently set for around mid-December.

Check out our review for Death Stranding here, which features a thoughtful look at a very divisive game. You can also learn why Sam Porter Bridges should take over as CEO of Papa John’s.

In other news, on social media and various other platforms, some have started to express that Keighley’s involvement with Death Stranding in the cameo role of “The Ludens Fan” is a conflict of interest given the fact that he also organizes The Game Awards.

Death Stranding had the best launch sales of any new IP this generation in Japan and also became the second biggest PS4 title to launch in 2019 in the UK. As for its launch trailer, Kojima claimed that he edited the trailer in a way to help allow people to understand the game better. Which after months of confusion surrounding the title’s weird story, is a breath of fresh air.

Just after the title’s launch, Kojima teased a concept for his next project. According to a recent interview with Gamesradar:

In the next five years, the platform will be streaming. Either it’s a movie or game, both will remain – the cinema experience and the platform of games will remain. But the game, you could broadcast that right now, like esports that you see today. I think there’s something ahead, and I’m thinking about that. It’s a movie, but it’s a game, I’m thinking of that kind of idea, and I want to do that kind of thing.

Death Stranding launched for PS4 on November 8th and is due out on PC in Summer 2020. Preorders for the latter have already gone live on both Steam and Epic Games Store.

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