Death Stranding’s Newest Patch Brings An Important Change to BT Encounters

Death Stranding’s Newest Patch Brings An Important Change to BT Encounters

The latest patch for Death Stranding gives players the option to disable the BT encounter warning each time that they appear in-game.

While it released several months ago, Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding has continued to see a number of updates and changes to expand on Sam Porter Bridges’ journey across the United Cities of America. Most of these changes have made some refinements and tweaks to its gameplay and brought some fan-requested features, including a new revision that alters the game’s signature BT encounters.

The latest update for Death Stranding has arrived on PS4, and compared to some of the game’s previous patches, the latest update (v.1.10) only has a few patch notes. However, the update brings an important change for the game’s stealth mechanics, especially with BT encounters. You can check out the full patch notes below for update 1.10:

Version 1.10

  • Various performance improvements
  • BT Encounter Warning Setting
  • Can be changed from the Title Screen in “Options” – “BT Encounter Warning”

As Kojima Productions noted on Twitter, the most substantial new change in the latest update for Death Stranding is that players now have the option to disable the BT encounter warnings from Sam’s odradek each time that he enters an area where they will appear. This primarily removes the extended animation that happens when Sam enters a BT-filled area, helping to make the game a bit more streamlined and less repetitive. To disable the animation, all you have to do is head to the game settings options from the title screen and change the “BT Encounter Warning” option.

Over the past few months, other changes to Death Stranding have included some substantial updates to Kojima’s latest title. Some of the biggest changes in the game came from its December update, which included the ability to alter the in-game text size, dispose of vehicles from any location, and a change to make the odradek more visible so that it wasn’t blocked by the cargo that Sam is carrying. It’s been encouraging to see that even after the game’s launch in November, Kojima Productions have been diligently adding fan requested features to improve some of its gameplay elements and features.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4, and will be coming to PC sometime this summer from 505 Games. If you have yet to experience the game for yourself, you can pick it up right now over on Amazon for PS4.

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