Death Stranding’s New Trailer Was Running on PS4 Pro; Part of it Is Playable

Death Stranding’s New Trailer Was Running on PS4 Pro; Part of it Is Playable

Hideo Kojima walked the stage at PlayStation Experience to give more information on his upcoming game Death Stranding, coming to PS4.

Today during the PlayStation Experience opening presentation, Legendary Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima walked on stage to talk about his new game Death Stranding.

According to Kojima-san, the trailer released yesterday at The Game Awards was running in realtime on a PS4 Pro in 4K (the translation did not mention this latest detail, but Kojima-san definitely said it, even if he did not mention whether it’s native resolution or not). The latter half of the trailer after Norman Reedus takes a swim is actually playable.

Kojima-san also mentioned that when he became independent, he received offers from many parties. Yet, He wanted to retain his creative freedom and to work with someone who understood him.

He met Andrew House, and instead of having formal executive meetings and talks about budgets, revenues, and target audiences, he gave him some information for 2-3 minutes about what he wanted to do, and House just responded: “yeah, ok.”

Funnily, we heard that Sony Interactive Entertainment Chairman Andrew House met Kojima-san under “the worst possible circumstances” at a past E3. He had to break the news to him that the code of his game had been stolen by a fan. House tracked the veteran developer at a restaurant in Los Angeles, and on a sidewalk, he delivered the news. At that point, that relationship between them “could only go in one direction.”

House also mentioned that Kojima-san will “kick your ass” at pop culture trivia about the seventies and eighties, whether it’s from Japan or the west.

If you want to see more about Death Stranding, you can check out the new video presented yesterday at The Game Awards, the amazing key art shared by Hideo Kojima himself,  some tech work done on the engine, the first trailer that introduced the game to the world, and the second trailer from last year.

Death Stranging currently has no release date, but we know that it’ll come to PS4.