Death Stranding PS4 Pro Console Announced

Death Stranding PS4 Pro Console Announced

If you need a new PS4 and are excited for Death Stranding, here's your chance to splurge.

Ahead of the arrival of Death Stranding this November, PlayStation today announced a new special edition console based on the game that will be made available at launch.

The Death Stranding PS4 Pro is mainly all white with black trim around the middle portion of the system. Two, dripping handprints can be seen on the top of the console and the title of Death Stranding is prominently displayed on the front of the console.

As for the controller, it comes in a see-through yellow color, much like the vessels that you will carry around in-game. The touchpad of the DualShock 4 also contains the stylized Death Stranding logo, as well.

Personally, I like the look of this console, but it’s the controller I’m a bit iffier on. I like that it’s trying to resemble the baby pods from the game, but it also simultaneously looks like….pee? That said, the console itself is gorgeous. I’ve always been a big fan of white PS4s, and this one looks fantastic.

If you want to see the new console in further depth, you can check out the video down below. Death Stranding will launch later this year on November 8, exclusively for PS4. This Special Edition console is available now for pre-order and will retail for $399.99.