Death Stranding Sam Bridges Nendoroid Figurine Comes With a Ton of Tiny Packages to Deliver

Death Stranding Sam Bridges Nendoroid Figurine Comes With a Ton of Tiny Packages to Deliver

You too can experience the wonders of delivering tons of tiny packages with this adorable Death Stranding Nendoroid figure of Sam Bridges.

When it released this past November, a lot of things stuck out about Hideo Kojima’s long-awaited new title Death Stranding. While the game itself was met with a bit of a mixed reception, the game’s world and characters were often praised alongside its unusual and heartfelt story, including the game’s protagonist Sam Porter Bridges. Revolving around the idea of delivering packages and reconnecting the isolated cities of America, Death Stranding was certainly a unique game, and it seems like there is no better way of recognizing that than getting your very own mini Norman Reedus to take with you on your travels.

The Good Smile Company, the Japanese toy and collectible maker, has announced that it will be making a new Nendoroid figure of Norman Reedus as the main protagonist of Death Stranding, Sam Porter Bridges. The vinyl figurine is fully articulated and features a variety of different accessories that will be sure to please the Death Stranding fan in your life, even if that is yourself.

According to the company’s website, there will be two variants of the Death Stranding Nendoroid figures of Sam Bridges, a regular version and a “Great Deliverer” version. The regular version, which retails for 5,200 yen (about $47 USD), features Sam in his Bridges suit, complete with his own BB, the odradek, a crytobiote, and two carge cases that can be held in his hands, attached to his suit, or placed onto his backpack.

The Great Deliverer version includes everything seem from the regular version, but includes a wider range of accessories and gear that can be swapped onto the Sam figurine. Specifically, that includes several different pieces for the head to change his hair or wear a hood, and a collection of 21 cargo pieces that can be attached to his body or stacked onto his backpack. This variant also includes a pair of nifty sunglasses for Sam to wear, while he can also hold one of his assault rifles in one of his hands. The Great Deliverer version will run for 8,800 yen (about $80 USD).

Pre-orders for both versions of the Sam Bridges Nendoroid figurine (regular and Great Deliverer) are available on The Good Smile Company’s website from now through March 19, 2020, with the figurines expected to ship in August 2020. A limit of three figures is placed on orders, giving the chance to not only pick one up for yourself, but also for a loved one or friend (especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner).

While Death Stranding has only been out for a few months, the game has already left an impact with impressive fan art and merch creations. That said, the Nendoroid figure of Sam by far is probably one of my favorites, and with the tons of tiny packages that it comes with, it’s a perfectly cute way to celebrate Hideo Kojima’s endearingly weird action game.

Death Stranding is available now on PS4 and will be coming to PC sometime this summer. For a closer look at the upcoming Nendoroid figurine of Sam Porter Bridges, you can check out the image gallery below: