Death Stranding Gets a Few More Details on Its Mysterious Story and Gameplay Elements from PlayStation UK

Death Stranding Gets a Few More Details on Its Mysterious Story and Gameplay Elements from PlayStation UK

Today has been a long time coming, but after much anticipation and waiting, Hideo Kojima and the rest of Kojima Productions pulled back the curtain on Death Stranding and revealed that the game will finally be in our hands this coming November. But while we saw a lengthy new video highlighting cinematics and gameplay, there are still plenty of questions unanswered, but one of PlayStation’s official websites shed a bit more light on what to expect from the game.

Over on the official PlayStation UK website for Death Stranding, a few other bits of information were detailed when it comes to the story and gameplay elements of the title.

Specifically, the website calls out some of the elements that we saw in more detail from today’s trailer, which includes the player’s objective to “reunite a broken nation,” all the while having to survive out in the open-world “under the weight of your cargo as you travel.” The website also specified that the shadowy creatures that we’ve seen so much of in past trailers for Death Stranding are referred to as “Beached Things,” giving us a meaning behind the term “BTs.”

Likewise, the PlayStation UK website emphasized the notion that “death is not the end” in Death Stranding, as the game will not feature what we typically know as a “game over” screen or state. Instead, players are taken into a sort of “upside-down realm” where they have to work their way back to the realm of the living, and that “every death carries a consequence,” whether that means for the player or enemies that they come across in the shadow realm. Interestingly, the website says that “killing your foe is almost never the solution,” implying that stealth and non-violence might be the more tactical approach when facing enemies in this environment.

The final point mentioned on the PlayStation UK website was that of the online functionality for Death Stranding, and that players will help other travelers “without ever crossing paths via asynchronous online gameplay.” In terms of what that means, players will be able to share supplies, safehouses, and follow the paths of other travelers to find safety and work their way to rebuilding society in what seems like a very, very post-apocalyptic America.

Death Stranding will be coming exclusively to PS4 on November 8, 2019. If you have yet to pre-order the game, you can do that right now over on Amazon.

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