Death Stranding’s Troy Baker Has Fans Asking Questions About Release Date After Recent Tweet

Death Stranding’s Troy Baker Has Fans Asking Questions About Release Date After Recent Tweet

Voice actor Troy Baker has taken to Twitter in participation of the ten-year challenge, but one picture, in particular, has got fans asking questions on a Death Stranding release date

If you have been anywhere near social media lately, you would have noticed this ten-year challenge thing that’s making its rounds on Twitter and Facebook that brings everyone out of the woodwork to participate in, including celebrities right across the spectrum. Multi-talented voice actor Troy Baker jumped in with a tweet of his own to reflect on his personal ten-year challenge that included Snow from Final Fantasy XIII and the Man in the Golden Mask from Death Stranding.

What made this tweet interesting was that Troy had opted to share pictures he has voice acted in with the caption  “2009vs2019” hashtag followed by a question mark at the end. This is usually all it takes to send Death Stranding fans into a whirlwind of questions and speculation into whether this proves that the long-awaited title is, in fact, releasing in 2019.

Of course, like anything else you see on social media, you take with a giant pinch of salt and this could be Troy just sharing some much-loved voice acting parts he played within that ten-year time frame. It’s worth mentioning that the picture Troy included in the tweet of Snow from Final Fantasy XIII didn’t get a game release in the states until 2010 so if that’s anything to go by the tweet could be more indicative of roles he was playing in 2009/2019 than its actual release date.

Hideo Kojima himself never helps matters with his puzzling teasers as at the end of last year he teased in a message while wishing folks a happy new year “Is 2019 the year of the Whale? Please look forward to Death Stranding!”. During a meeting with Hideo Kojima and Guerrilla Games, Kojima performed a demonstration of Death Stranding‘s first two hours, although the game definitely still isn’t complete yet.

With so many questions surrounding the title and very few gameplay trailers, we will have to keep hoping for more information to come from Kojima Productions, but a 2019 release date would be the icing on the long-awaited, most talked about cake, that’s for sure.