Death Stranding’s Difficulty Settings Will Feature a ‘Very Easy’ Mode for Non-Gamers

Hideo Kojima has taken to Twitter to discuss Death Stranding's difficulty settings and why he has implemented a "Very easy mode"

September 6, 2019

Death Stranding will be accessible for gamers of all capabilities and even those who don’t play games according to Hideo Kojima as he took to Twitter yesterday to highlight the titles difficulty settings. Kojima revealed in a tweet that Death Stranding will have a “Very Easy Mode” incorporated into its gameplay to draw in “movie fans,” due to its high-profile celebrity cast and designed with “non-game-experienced Western fans” in mind.

Posting from his Japanese account and using the translator, Hideo Kojima said “Normally it is up to Easy, but Norman, Matz, Rare, etc. have appeared, so we prepared Very Easy so that it can be enjoyed by non-game-experienced Western fans. Mr. Yano who could not clear one side of Pac-Man was able to clear while enjoying with Very Easy.”


Kojima’s reply to the difficulty settings was in response to a tweet from his personal assistant, Ayako Terashima who talked about recently finishing the game and since she was a beginner, she opted for the Very Easy Mode in which she also stated was for “ppl who usually don’t play game, movie fans or RPG fans. Normal or Hard Mode is for action game fans.”

Personally speaking, this move by Kojima is one to be celebrated as it is clear that he has accessibility for all gamers no matter their capability in mind, even those who don’t game and would be more drawn to the title due to its cast. This, in turn, will allow Death Stranding to be opened up to a wider audience and that can only ever be a good thing – hell, maybe even turn a non-gamer into a gamer in the process.

Death Stranding will release exclusively for PS4 on November 8, 2019, and you can pre-order the game now over on Amazon.


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