Death Under the Labyrinth In Game Screenshots Revealed

Death Under the Labyrinth In Game Screenshots Revealed

Compile Heart has just updated the official site for its upcoming 3D dungeon crawling RPG for PS Vita, Death Under the Labyrinth, to include some screenshots taken during gameplay.

The elevator pitch for the game is essentially that the stars have stopped rotating, bringing the world into darkness which as usual gives rise to plenty of monsters, so our five heroines must fight to re-wind the screw that rotates the stars.

The images give us some good insight into some of the game’s core features, for one, the dialogue system looks nearly identical to Compile Heart’s Hyperdimension Neptunia games. Character design seems to follow suit with that series as well.

We also get to see just how the dungeon crawling will look in the game, complete with party details while outside of battle.

Finally, they give us a good look at how the companion mechs will look in the game. Oh I didn’t mention the mechs? Yeah, there’s mechs that will fight alongside you on your quest.

Compile Heart currently has the game slated for a summer release in Japan, but for those of you who may be wary of importing, given Compile Heart’s history with localization (All but one game they’ve released has been localized for NA/EU), its very possible we’ll see Labyrinth released in other territories.