Deathloop Developers Detail How They’re Using the DualSense

Deathloop Developers Detail How They’re Using the DualSense

Arkane Studios' Deathloop is set to take full advantage of the DualSense. From weapon feedback to different sensations based on movement, they have it all.

In the early days of the PS5, one of the things we keep hearing about is how good the DualSense feels, especially when you’re playing Astro’s Playroom. That game does such a phenomenal job of using the new controller’s many features that it has quickly become a fan favorite. Arkane Studios plans to do the same with their upcoming game Deathloop. Today, the team shared several ways fans can expect to make use of the DualSense when the game launches on May 21.

Thanks to the write-up on the PlayStation Blog, we can see some of these new systems in action. Obviously, it’s hard to really know what it’s going to feel like until we get hands-on. However, anyone who’s used a DualSense can likely imagine what they’re going for. The team spends a lot of time in the post talking about how the guns feel. They say you’ll be able to sense bullets as they’re loading into guns and notice resistance in the adaptive triggers if your gun jams.

However, the sensations don’t stop with the weapons. They also mention that you’ll feel different sensations depending on how and where you’re moving around in the environment. It’s all very exciting stuff because it means it’s not just Sony that wants to put the DualSense to use. Hopefully, more devs spend the time to make full use of the controller. Otherwise, it feels destined to become something of an afterthought.

Deathloop launches on PS5 on May 21. It will be exclusive to Sony’s console for about a year before it inevitably comes to other platforms.