Latest Trailer for Death’s Gambit Looks Metal As Can Be

Latest Trailer for Death’s Gambit Looks Metal As Can Be

After watching the newest trailer for Death's Gambit, I really want to listen to Black Sabbath.

I’ll admit it: Death’s Gambit hasn’t really been on my radar. Not because I think it looks bad, but just because there’s too much else coming out over the next month and its just kind of gotten lost in the shuffle.

After seeing the new trailer for Death’s Gambit that just came out today, boy, do I feel differently. Adult Swim Games released a new cinematic video for the game just a short while ago and the art direction and overall tone reminds me of what you find on an old-school metal album.

I say this a lot but sometimes nothing is more important in a game than a fantastic art style. The slick animations and color palette on display in this new video are phenomenal. I’m sold on the visual aesthetic of the game alone, but the combat in Death’s Gambit doesn’t look too shabby either. This new trailer also shows off a handful of the bosses that it looks like you’ll be fighting over the course of the game.

Check out the new trailer below if you want to. I think it’s pretty rad. If you find Death’s Gambit as cool as I do, you won’t have to wait much longer for it to release as it’ll launch on both PS4 and PC on August 14.