Deathsmiles Hitting PAL Territories

Deathsmiles Hitting PAL Territories


In case you’re unfamiliar, Deathsmiles is a well received side-scrolling arcade shooter from developer Cave, who is notorious for refusing to release their games outside of Japan. Given the admittedly small cult following the game has amassed here in the States, I can’t say I blame them.

Gamers who reside in PAL territories will soon be able to enjoy this gem. Rising Star Games will take over publishing from Aksys, who saw the game hit American shores. Gamers interested in grabbing the game also get a nice bonus for having to wait all this time.

The standard version will include the Mega Black Label DLC as well as the soundtrack to the game. These items accompanied an Xbox 360 faceplate in what became the Limited Edition of the game. So barring the faceplate, you’ll get the LE for the price of the standard edition. Looks like good things do come to those who wait. Deathsmiles is only available for the Xbox 360.

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