Debris Adds Co-op Mode, Localization, and More in Newest Update

Debris Adds Co-op Mode, Localization, and More in Newest Update

You can now play alongside a friend in Moonray Studios' first-person adventure game Debris.

Today, Moonray Studios’ adventure game Debris received a new patch adding a bunch of new features and fixes including a co-op mode.

In the press release, Moonray Studios’ Founder Dan Clark states, “co-op mode is the ultimate way to play” that allows you to “truly feel what it’s like to have psychosis.” As you and your friend play throughout the game’s story, each character will experience delusions that other will have you questioning yourself every step of the way.

Localization to the game’s UI has also been added for French, Spanish, German, Korean, Czech, and Hungarian. Additionally, full dialogue translation for Czech has been added with more coming soon.

Lastly, a number of visual upgrades have been implemented to Debris, as well as balance changes to certain chapters of the game. Here are the full patch notes summarizing the update:

  • Added co-op mode (finally!).
  • Added UI localization for French, Spanish, German, Korean, Hungarian.
  • Added full UI and dialogue localization for Czech.
  • Added an effect when players equalize.
  • Added an effect when the Squid processes debris.
  • Added audio effects that may or may not occur later in the game.
  • Added the ability to switch tool modes using the keyboard with 1 and 2.
  • Added some helpful directions throughout the game to expose mechanics.
  • Added minimap hints for player facing direction.
  • Added engine distortion trails for the player and Squid.
  • Increased the spear’s velocity to make aiming and shooting a bit more responsive.
  • Finding a secret now gives you energy so you can wait and read everything and not worry about dying.
  • Fixed players getting stuck at flow junctions in chapters 5 and 11.
  • Fixed subtitles not displaying at the end of the game.
  • Fixed players dying if they run out of power during the end sequence.
  • Rebalanced the sharks in chapter 7 so they’re introduced a bit more gradually.
  • Rebalanced certain sharks so that they take 3 shots to kill instead of 5.
  • Reworked the menu spacing & layout for localization (and to make it look a bit nicer).
  • Reworked the final chapter for each ending.
  • Reworked the mouse & gamepad inputs to increase responsiveness.
  • Reworked how the green dot is implemented (follow the flow!).
  • Reworked the flow particles to make the flow direction more apparent.
  • Optimized the Squid’s volumetric lights.
  • Optimized the tool’s illumination.
  • Optimized creature culling.

Originally released last October, Debris is a first-person narrative adventure where you play as Ryan or Sonya, a small video team sent to film a promo for a new discovery found in the Arctic. After finding yourself stranded at the bottom of the ocean after an accident, you must try to survive and reach the surface.

Debris is available now for PC. You and a friend can grab the game at a 50% discount until March 5th, 2018.