DECA SPORTS 2 Official Box Art

DECA SPORTS 2 Official Box Art

Here is the official box art for DECA SPorts 2, the follow up title from Hudson to rival Wii Sports and Wii Resort.

With its easy-to pick up and play controls, DECA SPORTS 2 will make everyone in your family experts in a wide range of new sports. Check, dodge and smash the competition across all of the included events: Ice Hockey, Dodge Ball, Tennis, Darts, Speed Skating, Mogul Skiing, Petanque, Kendo, Motorcycle Road Racing and even Synchronized Swimming! The spirit of competition is more fun than ever!


We recently brought you news that the original DECA Sports was privy to a price drop, but I have to say that I am quite interested in how the Kendo portion of the game plays out.