Dedicated PS4 HDD/SSD Upgrade Kits with Up to 1.5 TB Released; 25% Faster Loading Promised with SSD

on January 13, 2014 6:27 PM

Woodstock-based hardware retailer Other World Computing released four upgrade kits dedicated to the PS4, offering four different ways to upgrade the stock 500 GB HDD coming with Sony’s New Console.

The options offered include a 1 TB HDD/SDD hybrid drive or a 1.5 TB HDD if you want more space to download more content. Alternatively, if you prefer speed you can choose between a 240 GB SSD (which could definitely prove a little a little tight) and a more reasonable 480 GB SDD.

Why would you want to actually reduce the space available in your PS4’s disk? According to the retailer the SDD options offer 25% faster load, saving and booting times. Faster times are also promised for the 1TV HDD/SDD hybrid, but the actual gain isn’t specified. Your mileage may vary on whether faster loading speed is worth the trade off or not.

Together with the selected HD the bundle also include the following items:

  • OWC USB 3.0 Express 2.5″ SATA Drive Enclosure, Black
  • OWC USB 2.0 Flash Drive for PlayStation 4 download
  • #1 Phillips screwdriver
  • Up to 3-Year Replacement Warranty
  • High Quality Double Shielded USB 3.0 (mini-B type) connecting cable
  • Carrying sleeve
  • OWC USB 3.0 Express Enclosure Installation Guide
  • Instruction Guide for Drive Upgrade for PS4

Prices are as follows:

  •  1 TB HDD/SDD hybrid drive: $99.99
  • 1.5 TB HDD:$149.99
  •  240 GB SSD: $219
  • 480 GB SDD $399

Considering that I’ve seen the same drives sold by themselves for similar or higher prices by other retailers, this deal definitely seems a sweet one if you want to upgrade your new PS4, even if I’m not sure the 240 GB option can really be considered workable, SSD or not.

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