DEEMO for Nintendo Switch Finally Adds Controller Support in New Update

DEEMO for Nintendo Switch Finally Adds Controller Support in New Update

Rayark Games' DEEMO for Nintendo Switch finally has controller support thanks to a brand new update (that also brings 24 new songs as well).

While you may not recognize DEEMO by name, the recently-released rhythm game made headlines for being one of the few handheld-only games on Nintendo’s handheld home console. However, in a recently revealed update from publisher Circle Ent./Flyhigh Works it acknowledges that all of that is changing — Version 1.1 for Nintendo Switch adds controller support and a slew of new songs to pad out the soundtrack.

News comes directly from Flyhigh Works’ official YouTube channel, where they debuted a teaser for DEEMO‘s update (below). Along with official controller support, the developer revealed that 24 new songs were being added to the list in a series of packs:

  • Yamajet Collection
  • Mili Collection Vol. 3
  • Cranky Collection
  • RAC Collection #6

Each pack contains five new songs. Added with an additional four songs to Shattered Memories, players will have a grand total of 24 new pieces to choose from. For those wondering, that raises the grand total of available songs up from 217 to 241.

If you’ve never heard of DEEMO, the Rayark Games-developed rhythm game originally launched for iOS and Android in late-2013. After notable success with the touch-screen market, the game was later ported to PlayStation Vita in 2015 (2017 for North America) and later brought to the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the mobile versions of the game, DEEMO for Nintendo Switch came packed in with all of the songs sans-DLC.

Of course, if you don’t yet have a Nintendo Switch there is another upcoming way to play DEEMO on your television. It was recently revealed that the game would be coming to PS4 as DEEMO Reborn — packed in with PlayStation VR support. The new version of the game was our first glimpse that the title was adapting to traditional controllers, however the newest iteration will come packed in with 3D graphics and character models.

DEEMO is available immediately for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation Vita. Check out the update trailer below: