It Has Been Two Years Since PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Received the Last Official Update From Capcom

It Has Been Two Years Since PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Received the Last Official Update From Capcom

What’s your favorite Christmas memory of 2014? One of mine was finding under the Christmas three an update from Capcom with the latest batch of screenshots of its upcoming RPG Deep Down.

Unfortunately, it was also the last, at least until now. Since then, the official website of the game has been completely silent, and no more trailers or screenshots were posted. The only further appearance of the game was a brief glimpse on footage in a recruitment video that wasn’t specifically dedicated to Deep Down.

While afterwards Producer Yoshinori Ono mentioned in passing during an interview that the project wasn’t dead, and that the game would come back with an expanded and different vision, the silence has been deafening for the many  (me included) that were captivated by the game’s explosive presentation as part of the same event that introduced the PS4 to the world, and by the following reveals, including a very enjoyable playable outing at Tokyo Game Show 2013.

Deep Down certainly had a lot of promise, but at the moment we know nothing of its fate. Capcom has been stubbornly silent about it, besides continuing to requests extensions to the trademark via the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The last one was requested and granted in August, and when I say “last,” I mean it, as no more chances are available. The trademark will inevitably expire on February 9th.

This is, I guess, a good chance to see if the game is still alive. Capcom has the option to request an entirely new registration once the current one is automatically abandoned, but will they? Only future will tell.

Is the game really still alive? I don’t know, but I’m keeping my hopes alive.

If you want a trip on the memory lane, you can check out the screenshots and trailers that Capcom released so far, and join me in hoping that one day the odyssey of Deep Down might still have a happy ending.