Deep-Sea Psychological Horror Iron Fish Launches on Steam September 12

Underwater horror Iron Fish dives onto PC September 12, BeefJack has announced.

Playing as Cerys, players will be have to dive deep underwater to discover mysteries, lost civilisations and some gross looking humanoid fellas.

BeefJack commented:

Iron Fish places you at the helm of a psychological thriller as you stumble across the sleeping horrors of the deep. Explore Cerys’ turbulent history, as her story and mind unravel before your eyes.”

  • Explore a vast underwater environment. From the shimmering subsurface to the deep, dark depths of the Atlantic, you will immerse yourself in gorgeous environments, dynamic soundscapes and an intriguing plot.
  • Discover lost relics, civilisations and mysteries. Everything you see and experience will guide you through the game’s mysterious, twisting narrative, challenging even the most accomplished explorer.
  • Evade a variety of ocean-dwelling nasties. With less than 4% of the oceans having been explored, survival is not guaranteed against creatures that blur the boundaries between science and fiction. There are no weapons against such beasts; tactics and diversion are your only hope.
  • Experience an emergent horror sandbox. No experience is the same. Follow the given missions or explore your massive environments to unearth further secrets and horrors. Ambient, terrifying sounds and creature behavior develop and affect the state of mind the protagonist, plunging you deeper into the growing psychosis of isolation.

You can check out the short trailer down below.

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