Deep Space D-6: Armada Board Game Goes Live on Kickstarter

Deep Space D-6: Armada Board Game Goes Live on Kickstarter

Deep Space D-6: Armada is the multiplayer, worker placement sequel to Tony Go's excellent solo board game Deep Space D-6.

Deep Space D-6 is one of the most well-regarded print-and-play games in the board game space this past decade. The original release was such a hit in the community, developer Tony Go was able to bring the game to Kickstarter not once, but twice. Those two campaigns let players get a beautiful copy of the excellent single-player game. Go has gone back to Kickstarter to release Deep Space D-6: Armada, a sequel to his first game in the series. This multiplayer version of Deep Space D-6 looks like a barrel of good times.

Where Deep Space D-6 was a purely solo experience, Deep Space D-6: Armada lets your friends play too. It’s also a fully standalone experience and you don’t need a copy of the original to play. Armada is a cooperative experience that sees you and up to three friends working together to fight off an evil federation and build the perfect starship. The game uses dice to facilitate its worker placement gameplay, introducing a dash of luck into the proceedings.

Of course, we can’t talk about a Deep Space game without mentioning the astounding art. Go is big into UI/UX design and it shows in his games. Everything looks incredibly clean and all the information you need is easily found at a glance. It’s one of the more slick productions we’ve seen this year in the board gaming space, which is a surprise to no one who’s following Go’s work closely.

As of this writing, Deep Space D-6: Armada has already blown past its funding goal. Go has already proven he can ship a game or two, so there’s next to zero concern that this project won’t be coming to shelf near you. The Kickstarter is open for 22 more days, so give it a look.