Deep Space Nine Uniforms Free On Day One of Star Trek Online’s Summer Giveaway

on August 12, 2013 1:43 PM

It comes as no surprise that the first C-Store item to be made free during Cryptic’s Star Trek Online summer giveaway would be a Federation item. This first item comes from the Star Trek: The Next Generation spin-off, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The free item is none other than DS9‘s Federation crew uniform. A welcome change in 1992 and more militaristic departure from the pajamas look of TNG. Those who have a Federation account can access the item for free from now until tomorrow, August 13th, at 10am PDT.  After which, the item will revert back to its normal price. The uniform is an account-wide unlock.

Cryptic has been… cryptic as to whether or not items for Romulan and Klingon factions will be made available as well.

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