Twisted Pixel’s New VR Title ‘Defector’ Announced; Launching Sometime This Year

Twisted Pixel’s New VR Title ‘Defector’ Announced; Launching Sometime This Year

Twisted Pixel and Oculus Studios has announced its new spy action game Defector, which is set to launch sometime this year as an Oculus Rit exclusive.

Today, Twisted Pixel Games has announced via press release its latest project, new spy action virtual reality title called Defector.

In Defector, players take control of an elite operative who’s undercover assignments have them traveling all across the world in high-risk circumstances. One of the most notable features, as well as a selling point for Defector, is how you progress through the game. The outcome of every mission you endure will be guided based on the choices you make each game. Whether they are big or small, every decision you make will alter your playthrough.

Initially, this game made its debut at PAX East last week; I actually had the opportunity to play the game via Oculus’ Game Days event. While I am saving my experience with what I experienced for an upcoming preview, I can concur that every choice you make in the game does offer a different outcome, which to me increases the game’s overall replayability.

As mentioned previously, the game is currently being developed by Twisted Pixel Games while Oculus Studios hold the game’s publishing rights and if you could not already tell based on the publisher, Defector will be an Oculus Rift exclusive title.

For more information on the upcoming spy action title, you can view the announcement trailer as well as a few screenshots of the game below this article. Currently, Defector does not have a release date, however, Twisted Pixel has stated the game is anticipated to launch sometime this year.