Tower Defense Strategy Title Defend the Cake Launches on Steam Early Access

Defend the Cake is a tower defense game by Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games veterans and is now on Steam Early Access

on September 12, 2017 8:16 AM

If you like cake and tower defense games, then this is the announcement you’ve been waiting for. Today, a few industry veterans from Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games announced the Steam Early Access release of their tower defense title Defend the Cake.

In Defend the Cake, you must defend Eggperor Shellmane’s beautifully baked spread of desserts from a variety of thieving bugs who only want to eat it all themselves. It will be up to you to strategize and properly time your defenses over the course of 18 levels, all featuring different environments and enemies. For those interested in a challenge, there’s also a Score Attack mode that allows players to fend off rising waves of enemies for the next highest score.

Defend the Cake, LLC is a team of developers made up of alumni from Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games. The team consists of Technical Designer Justin Klinchuch (Starcraft IIHeroes of the Storm), Creative Designer Naomi Yee (League of LegendsBlizzardMagic Leap), and Technical Artist Toli Carter (League of Legends).

Defend the Cake is currently available for PC and Mac via Steam Early Access for a special early adopter promotion price of $2.99, which happens to be 40% off its set price of $4.99. The offer will last until September 19.

For more information on the game, you can certainly check out the game’s official website or its Steam page. Be sure to also watch the gameplay trailer provided below!

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