Deform Your Way Through Semblance, a Puzzle-Platformer With Terrain-Changing Powers

Semblance has an artistic style and cutesy nature to that of World of Goo, but its mode of platforming requires a particular amount of landscaping and terraforming to finish the puzzles within.

Good Shepherd Entertainment has partnered with Nyamakop to publish their landscape-changing, puzzle-platformer, Semblance, releasing later in the year on the Nintendo Switch’s Nintendo eShop and on Mac and PC. Squish is the hero of the game, and you get to guide him through a series of puzzles via destruction and landscaping. The game forces squish to damage the floors, walls, and ceilings to evolve new pathways towards your goal.

Semblance resembles the artistic style of World of Goo and seems to offer new forms of puzzling in its terrain-molding gameplay. Squish is created as a means against the infestation that is plaguing the world,  but the world’s guardian sacrifices itself in order to do so. It has a playdough landscape where you can squeeze into the world’s hidden nooks using Squish’s god-given powers.

As said before, Semblance is a level-mashing puzzle platformer that forces you to reform the terrain around you in order to progress. A hard material has infested itself throughout the land, and it’s your job to mash the environment to solve puzzles. Squeeze your way through the world and sculpt it back to life using Squish’s deforming powers.

Semblance is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2018. Want to know more about Semblance? Then check out the announcement trailer below.

Landon Luthi

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