Deformers is More than Meets the Eye with Open Beta on Steam

Deformers is More than Meets the Eye with Open Beta on Steam

Deformers is a game about morphing your avatar ‘form’ and smashing your opponents. Developer Ready at Dawn studios very recently started an open beta for the game that will last until April 3rd 12:00am UTC. This preview is available now through Steam for PC.

This third-person arena combat title is all about rolling and forming/deforming yourself to victory. You control colorful blobs that resemble animals and you’re put against other blobs in a contained area. Each player is tasked with knocked the others outside of the play field and the one that remains is the winner.

These blobs or forms are very malleable and you can inflate or completely deflate at will. Enemy rolling towards you? Just become flat, let them get on top of you and then morph back into your normal size to send them flying. The different strategies in Deformers are more plentiful than it seems and the gameplay looks like it will be hectic fun because of this.

Other features for the beta include:

• No Guts, No Glory!
Compete in a variety of game modes and dominate the competition!
• Friend or Foe?
Team up to take down your enemies with online couch co-op or battle your buds in a free-for-all death match!
• Aliens and Animals and Blobs, Oh My!
Chose from dozens of Forms that range from cute to crazy.
• Forms on Fleek!
Customize your Form with new styles, tags, and emotes!
• Roll Around the World!
Battle across deserts, decrepit ruins, and even under the big top!
• A FORMidable Arsenal
Ram, throw, and shoot your way to victory!
• This Isn’t Even My Final Form!
Power-ups help Forms get the extra edge – not approved by the FDA

As of now the developers are saying that the game will be available at some point this month for $29.99 USD. For now, you’ve got a little more than a day to check out the beta of Deformers. The trailer is available below for more squishy arena goodness: