Defunct Is an Adventure Racing Game Coming to Nintendo Switch

on August 10, 2018 9:22 AM

The Switch has become a formidable platform for indie titles, with another addition to the library being the racing game Defunct. Developed by Freshly Squeezed, this “adventure racing” title promises to be “fast, fun, and family-friendly.” The game will be published by Soedesco, who brought us titles such as Owlboy and the forthcoming Truck Driver.

The scenario is a post-apocalyptic one, where robots now occupy the Earth. Players will take control of a broken robot that falls out of a cargo ship, and will now have to race back to the ship before it is too late. Think of Pixar’s Wall-E meets Sonic the Hedgehog. There is a momentum system in the game, with the robot utilizing a “gravitize” engine to boost and dash your way through the environments that include jungles and deserts.

The game will come with a time trial mode, and will allow players to customize their robot with unique skins and cosmetics. It will be out for Switch on September 13, and you can check out the debut trailer and a gallery of screenshots below.

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