Deliver “Old-School Justice” With Fist Puncher Ogrady on OUYA

Deliver “Old-School Justice” With Fist Puncher Ogrady on OUYA

Like old-school beat-em-ups? So do Team2bit, who are reintroducing their sidescrolling brawler Fist Puncher Ogrady onto the OUYA.

With a trailer full of punches, tasers, and what looks like Johnny Cage’s shadow kick below, gamers will play as the legendary black belt neurosurgeon Dr. Karate (and his team of badass Fist Punchers)as they take on the sinister Milkman and his “nasty criminal grip” on the city of Las Cruces.

Fist Puncher Ogrady is set to release next week on February 25th. The game was successfully launched last year with Kickstarter crowdfunding, created by brothers Jake and Matt Lewandrowski as an homage to classic 8-bit brawlers. This OUYA version will come with two exclusive characters to add to the roster of 15, and will feature more than 50 levels.

Here’s a few more features before you check out the awesome trailer below:

  • 17 playable characters, including Dr. Karate, Steroid Jackson, Hella Fistgerald and the Beekeeper.
  • Unique attacks and movesets for each character.
  • RPG features allow you to assign attribute points to hone and sculpt your characters to your liking.
  • Purchase perks including new moves and powers for your characters.
  • Over 50 levels, from a nude beach to Hitler’s birthday party.
  • 99 unlockable achievement trading cards – collect them all!
  • Over 100 collectible items.
  • Attack with tasers, slingshots, guns, bombs and more.
  • Throw cars, cows, dogs, street musicians and whatever else you can pick up.
  • Four player local co-op.
  • Sexy pixel art graphics – like living in 1988!

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