Deltarune Chapter 1 is Coming to Switch for Free at the End of February

Deltarune Chapter 1 is Coming to Switch for Free at the End of February

The follow-up to Toby Fox's Undertale will be landing on Nintendo Switch on February 28.

After originally releasing on PC and Mac out of nowhere in late 2018, Toby Fox today announced that the first chapter of the follow-up to UndertaleDeltarune, will be arriving on Switch at the end of this month.

The announcement for Deltarune arriving on Switch was made during today’s Nintendo Direct alongside, as usual, a rather wacky trailer. Deltarune’s first chapter will be made available to download for free and will arrive on Switch on February 28. This marks the first time that the game has come to consoles.

If you aren’t familiar with what Deltarune is, it’s the ongoing project that Toby Fox is working on and features some of the same characters from the classic Undertale, along with new ones as well. Deltarune’s first chapter is out right now, but Fox says the other parts of the game won’t arrive until much further down the road. Fox has said that this project is much greater in scope than that of Undertale and as a result, he’s looking for more developers to work with right now to help him finish the project. In addition, when those other chapters of Deltarune arrive down the road they will cost money, unlike the game’s first one.

You can check out the trailer shown for Deltarune’s Switch launch down below if you want to have a good laugh.