Deluded Mind Launch Trailer Revealed Ahead of Launch Later This Week

A new trailer for Pyxton Studio's upcoming horror has landed, showing a small bit of gameplay and a burning bed. It's due to launch this week.

Pyxton Studios developer launched a new launch trailer ahead of Deluded Mind’s launch later this week, and shows more chilling gameplay, although not much.

Deluded Mind’s new trailer takes us through various dimly lit rooms before switching the lights off. Once the lights are off the atmosphere changes to a haunting environment. We see a small glimpse of exploration taking place around Hillstone Asylum. then a rather surreal shot tracks backward revealing a bed on fire and a teddy bear floating above said fire.

The release date for Deluded Mind hasn’t changed from the last trailer. It puts players in the shoes of Dean Catrall, an FBI agent who wakes up in Hillstone Asylum after being put out of action. Under the influence of a strong hallucinogen, he’ll be trying to find his FBI partner and escape from the mental hospital while trying to combat the illusions from the drug pumping through his system.

The events that take place around the asylum are all randomly generated as they revolve around a storyline that remains intact. Events are triggered differently depending on each play.

Deluded Mind is due to launch on PC on June 15th, 2018.

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