Demo Impressions: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

On Tuesday, the demo for the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow came out onto PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. If you have not downloaded the free demo yet, all that I have to say is “what are you waiting for?” This demo left me wanting more. I couldn’t help but slash and hack my way through the Lycan-esque enemies and enjoying every moment of it. Take a look after the break for gameplay footage from Lords of Shadow and also listen to Jon Ireson and I talk about our impressions from the demo. Just as an FYI, be sure to check back soon for the full review for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow by Alix Minjarez.

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Tyler Christensen

Marked until death with the words "Gamer" across my back (literally) with Duck Hunt pistols across my shoulder blades. Tyler enjoys good beer, open-world games and is also a singer/songwriter.

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