Demo Impressions: PlayStation Move Heroes

Demo Impressions: PlayStation Move Heroes


Being one of the few PS3 “fanboys” on the staff, I wanted PlayStation Move Heroes to be great. After all you play as some of the six greatest figures from PlayStation’s history. PlayStation Move Heroes is reported to be releasing on March 22nd, 2011 as a PS Move game and on that day you’ll be able to play as Rachet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly, and Bentley all in the same game. Unfortunately, more heroes don’t necessarily mean more fun. If the demo makes up for much of the real game’s mechanics, PlayStation Move Heroes is a subpar experience that derives itself on the former success of great heroes.

The demo itself consists of 5 different challenges that really have no merit to the actual story. In fact, the only fun you’ll have is based on what fun means to you. The only things you can do here is complete challenges for medals and experience this title earlier then some. The gameplay is similar no matter who you are controlling and each character only brings a small spark of something different. Not to mention the cheesy dialogue and dry humor.

The first challenge is called Survive a Deathbot Uprising. You play as Sly and control what appears to be five foot long energy whip. As you can easily guess, you swing the Move controller back and forth to use the whip and hold down the T button to grab instead of hitting. Plus, pushing the PS Move button erects a force field around your character. The level is reminiscent of Metropolis (Rachet & Clank: Tools of Destruction) and your enemies are bland, typical robots. The point of this challenge is to destroy and survive as long as you can against these robots. What will become painfully obvious is that you can’t attack very fast and if you don’t hold L2 to lock-on; don’t expect to hit anything easily. The only thing special comes in the form of a unique ability. If you collect enough crystals, your power bar (which is in the top left corner with your health bar) will fill and you can perform said ability. For Sly, it was slowing down time.


In Could You Be So Bowled, you are back in “Metropolis” as Jak. The point of this challenge is to bowl a unique ball which will destroy boxes, crystals, and gain certain powers ups. Think of a PlayStation pin-ball machine and you get the concept of this level. You control the Move controller as if you were actually bowling and once the ball is let go, you guide its direction with the Move controller as well. Whether sad or awesome, this was my favorite level.

Whibble Trouble features Ratchet collecting small creatures called whibbles back in “Metropolis”. There will be an occasional robot to come your way and you destroy them in the same manner as Sly’s whip except with Ratchet’s wrench. With this weapon you can attack vertically and horizontally, with the Move controller, but all the fun is taken away when certain enemies appear and it becomes easily apparent on how to beat them. However, the platforming is entertaining and so is Rachet’s unique ability…THE DISCO BALL! Rachet and Clank fans will know this “weapon” deploys a disco ball that the enemies irrefutably dance to.

The loveable turtle, Bentley, has the task of simply collecting discs in Industrial Revolutions. It’s pretty straight forward but the level is different with a much more machine building like look. Did I mention that there is a huge Daxter statue in the middle of it?! You come across, in this challenge, jumps, speed boosts, and other typical things found in platforming games. The last level is A Mine of Their Own and is similar to Whilbble Trouble. You control Clank with a gun that you can’t even lock on with and the shooting (with the T button) is not very smooth or comfortable. The level design, though, is pretty wacky and can only be described as a cartoon like hotel/restaurant.


With the PlayStation Move Heroes demo, I feel that the developers did the best they could with what they had. They had 6 great heroes, but who aren’t nearly as popular as they once were, and a PlayStation Move only game. You can only do so much with that criteria and because of it, the game feels like something that was just made to cater to the PS Move’s whim. I honestly hope that the full game will be much more alive.