Demon Gaze Coming to Vita

Demon Gaze Coming to Vita

Published by Kadokawa Games and developed by Experience, Demon Gaze not only comes from the same minds that introduced Students of the Round, but shares the same universe and sights as well. Similar to Etrian Odyssey, Demon Gaze is an RPG dungeon crawler that also gives plenty of personality and originality where it counts.

Demon Gaze takes place hundreds of years after the events of Students of the Round, on a terraformed planet, surrounding a mysterious man named Oz who can seal away demon-robots (you read that right) with his eyes.

Party customization is a key factor: over the course of the game, players will meet several allies who will join Oz on his quest; create allies out of several races and classes to join Oz; and will be able to defeat enemies who can later be summoned to help Oz in battle. While races and classes are locked, players can change the gender, voice, and name of their party members in a special way: by going to a special bathhouse and soaking in the water, which can allow characters to change their characteristics.

Who needs a plastic surgeon?

There are up to 45 different illustrations to differentiate the various characters you’ll meet or create, including up to seven classes and five races. Of the classes revealed so far are the strong Fighters, the defensive Paladins, the speedy Samurai, and the magic attacking and supporting Wizards and Healers, respectively. Of the races revealed so far are the average humans, the swift bestial warriors the Nei, the intelligent and magically adept Elves, and a race of beings called the Migmie.

Oz will come across special individuals in his journey, including a human paladin named Gerona who comes from a long lineage of knights; Serina, an Elf Wizard who comes from a family of magically renown beings; Pepet, a highly socialable Migmie Healer; and Avee, a Nei fighter, whose love of battle makes her well suited to her role as a wandering bounty hunter, a role she shares with Oz.

While Students of the Round was originally made for the PC and later ported to the Xbox 360, Demon Gaze is slated for release on the PS Vita for January 24, 2013, in Japan. While it is unsure when the West will get their hands on this game, stay tuned to for more news, and check out the gallery below for Demon Gaze art.