Did the Demon Slayer Manga Get a New Ending? Chapter 205.6 Explained

Explaining the buzz around the Demon Slayer "new" ending

By Iyane Agossah

May 26, 2021

Many Demon Slayer fans are wondering if the manga actually got a new ending this May, here’s what actually happened and what you need to know regarding the final volume of the series, Volume 23, and the final chapter, Chapter 205.6.

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles | Game Trailer #1

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles | Game Trailer #1

Did the Demon Slayer manga get a new ending?

The Demon Slayer manga was prepublished in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan from February 15, 2016, to May 18, 2020. The 23rd and final volume was released in Japan on December 4, 2020. In America, the latest volume is Vol 21, so the final volume is not officially available yet.

The final volume included a few extra panels and contents, and this is the “new ending”. It’s been released for several months in Japan now, and some fans have already read the volume.

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Demon Slayer manga – new ending or extended ending?

When the final volume was first announced, it was erroneously stated that it would include several bonus pages. Author Koyoharu Gotouge later explained that it would only include a few bits of extra content. These are additional panels and pages with comments from Gotouge expanding on the ending. The ending in itself was not changed.

Note that it is common for manga volume releases to include fixes and extra content in the chapters compared to the prepublished magazine versions. Every manga volume, not necessarily limited to the endings, gets a few fixes and additions compared to prepublished chapters. This isn’t a “trend” that Attack on Titan‘s own additional pages and extended ending started.

In other words, the fact that the ending was extended doesn’t necessarily mean that Gotouge was dissatisfied with the original ending, or was rushed to make it.

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Please keep in mind there are spoilers for the ending of Demon Slayer below.

Demon Slayer final pairings, “new ending” explained

Volume 23 contains what we can call an extended ending. With additional notes fleshing out the ending. The notes most notably mention that Tanjiro and Nezuko got to read the wills of all the Hashira who passed away in battle, with all wills wishing them happiness.

The ending in itself is still the same, with a time skip to a modern era, with the descendants of the main cast. The notes from Gotouge explain each of the descendants’ families and confirm the final pairings:

  • Tanjiro and Kanao
  • Nezuko and Zenitsu
  • Inosuke and Aoi
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Demon Slayer – What’s Chapter 205.6 and why “new ending” is trending on Twitter?

The volume version of chapter 205, with the extra content, was nicknamed chapter 205.6 by fans to differentiate it from the prepublished magazine version of the chapter.

Early this week, several Demon Slayer fans, on Twitter most notably, discovered for the first time the “new” ending from December. Which made “demon slayer new ending” trend on Twitter. Several YouTubers made videos about the “new ending” as well. Creating a buzz around it.

Long story short, if you’ve read the ending in December, you haven’t missed anything and you’ve already read this “new ending”.

Demon Slayer is getting its season 2 in October 2021. The Mugen Train movie is still in theaters as well.

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