Demon Slayer Movie Leaked on PSN? Here's What Happened With Mugen Train on PS4

As the Demon Slayer movie is finally out in American theaters, many fans would like to enjoy the movie at home, especially seeing the current state of the world, and for several hours on April 27, the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train movie was actually available through the PS4 PSN – what happened, was it leaked?

New Character Demo – “Yanfei: Legal Expertise” | Genshin Impact

New Character Demo – “Yanfei: Legal Expertise” | Genshin Impact

The Demon Slayer movie, Mugen Train, ended up available digitally on the PS4 PSN for several hours on April 27, 2021, with a $12.99 price tag. The movie stayed on the PlayStation Store for over three hours before being unlisted.

The movie, which is a direct sequel to the first TV series, follow the stories of our protagonist Tanjiro and his group, as they board the Infinite Train to meet up with Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira. There, they end up entwined in Kyojuro’s mission, investigating the demon suspect behind the mysterious disappearances on the train.

Demon Slayer Movie on PS4 – Was the movie leaked?

First off, it’s important to note the reason why the Demon Slayer movie is linked to Sony and its PSN in the first place. The main production company of the Demon Slayer anime is Aniplex, owned by Sony. As such, several Aniplex affiliated anime series end up purchasable digitally on the PlayStation Store. This has been the case since the PS3 era.

As for how the Demon Slayer movie ended up there, it’s highly likely to be a mistake on Sony’s side and the PlayStation Store. Demon Slayer Mugen Train was only released in American theaters on April 23. And the English digital release is planned for June 22.

As such, the PSN release of the movie should only be happening in a few months from now on. While the movie is out in Japan’s theaters since October 2020, it wasn’t released yet on the Japanese PSN either. Meanwhile, the DVD and Bluray versions will be launching in a few days, with English subs.

Demon Slayer Movie on PS4 – is it the subbed or dubbed version coming?

Note that only the English subbed version, with Japanese voice-overs, was available on the PSN. It’s possible the official release on the PSN, in a few months, will also only include the subbed version. Those who want to watch Demon Slayer Mugen Train with the English dub might want to go see it in theaters now.

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Aniplex and Studio Ufotable already announced a sequel to Mugen Train, a new Demon Slayer TV series, adapting the Red Light District arc, is in production. Demon Slayer season 2 will be launching sometime in late 2021.

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