Demon's Souls Multiplayer Experience Revived via PlayStation 3 Emulators

Demon's Souls players on the PS3 emulator RPCS3 have gained the ability to play online.

Demon’s Souls’ online experience comes to the PlayStation 3 emulator, RPCS3, courtesy of new developments around PSN emulation, and a PSN server replacement tool called RPCN.

Over in the Demon’s Souls Reddit, server admin Sentuh announced that online play is now available for the RPCS3 via a process that swaps the PSN server the game attempts to connect to, to a private one. This swap allows the emulated games to regain their multiplayer functionality. Fans have developer GalCiv, to thanks as they are the creator of the free and open-source RPCN.  While the offerings are currently slim, including From Software’s Demon’s Souls and Bomberman Ultra, this list will no doubt grow over time with more games getting added soon. To get Demon’s Souls to work, however, a little extra tweaking is involved to make sure that RPCS3 connects to the private server that runs the multiplayer. Luckily, it’s a relatively straight forward process and is detailed in the original Reddit post.

When it comes to Demon’s Souls, it will have some cross-platform interaction between PS3 and those that are using RPCS3. For the time being, the two audiences will be playing will be able to share messages and bloodstains, but will lack the ability to share their ghosts. Whether or not cross-platform ghosts will become a thing down the road remains purely speculative.

This development is a big deal as it could bring about the revival of many other multiplayer aspects of PS3 games that have lost official PSN support. It’s exciting for fans who yearn to play these games once more with people.

Owners of Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 3 are currently able to play online thanks to the efforts of, even with unmodded consoles.

It was revealed in June that the birthplace of the Soulsbourne genre, Demon’s Souls, would be receiving a remake for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, helmed by the wizards at BluePoint studios. We’ve got some gorgeous screenshots so far, but the multiplayer features of the new game haven’t been touched on yet. I have complete faith that BluePoint will knock both single and multiplayer modes out of the park, but at least fans will be able to continue to play and experience the original versions multiplayer in the years to come.

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