Demon’s Souls is Officially Releasing Alongside the PS5

Demon’s Souls is Officially Releasing Alongside the PS5

Demon's Souls is said to be landing on PS5 later this year alongside the platform's release on November 12, but Sony and Bluepoint have yet to confirm it.

Update: Okay, at long last, Sony took their sweet time and posted and update over on the PlayStation Blog that confirmed Demon’s Souls is indeed launching alongside the PS5 on its day of release. So if you want to pick up a shiny new next-gen system later this year and snag Demon’s Souls with it, you can do that.

As for the game’s price, it will retail for $69.99. Much as other next-gen games have been announced to be doing, Sony looks like it will be charging $10 more for its first-party releases in the future.

The weird revelation of the release date for Demon’s Souls can be found below.

Original Story: PlayStation and Bluepoint Games haven’t said a word yet about when Demon’s Souls will be launching on PS5. Despite posting a new gameplay trailer for the title today and then publishing an accompanying blog post, no details of the game’s release have been given just yet. But according to one video game industry figure, Demon’s Souls is releasing in November.

The Game Awards host and producer Geoff Keighley took to Twitter following today’s PS5 Showcase event and shouted from the heavens that Demon’s Souls is coming to PS5 in November alongside the console’s launch. What is his source for this information? No one knows. Are people believing him? Absolutely — this is the internet, after all.