Demon's Souls PS5 Remake Receives New Screenshots and Potential Box Art in Retail Leak

Demon's Souls continues to receive a handful of new images, which continues to make it seem as though the game could be releasing on PS5 soon.

September 9, 2020

Even though we haven’t heard a whole lot about Sony’s upcoming first-party PS5 titles, Demon’s Souls is arguably the game that has received the most information. Not only have we seen a fair number of screenshots for Bluepoint’s latest remake at this point, but the game was also rated in Korea, which may hint to a release date that isn’t too far off. And now,

Over on Amazon’s Australian site today, two new images from Demon’s Souls along with the title’s box art have now appeared. While the page has since been taken down, both the box art and accompanying screenshots were pulled beforehand for your viewing pleasure.


The images themselves continue to show off the stunning environments that the Demon’s Souls remake will boast. The most notable new pic of the two available once again highlights the game’s tutorial boss, which we have seen in the past. As for the box art itself, while labeled as art that may not be finalized, it shows off the main protagonist standing in front of the game’s castle along with a handful of enemies charging in their direction.

While new screenshots and box art appearing on their own might not mean much for any one game, in the case of Demon’s Souls, it does seem to continue to potentially verify that a release date might be coming soon or alongside the launch of the PS5. The fact that the game has already been rated in some regions and now box art is emerging might very indicate that we could be seeing this one sooner rather than later. Hopefully, PlayStation will have more to say about it soon.

You can check out all of the new pictures and the potential box art in the gallery below. For now, Demon’s Souls still doesn’t have a firm release date or window, for that matter. All we know is that it’s slated to come to the PS5 at some point once the console launches.

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