UPDATE: Hardest Game Ever Alert: Demon's Souls Successor Announced as Dark Souls (Trailer Now Included)

By Chad Awkerman

February 2, 2011

You knew it had to happen. Back at the Tokyo Game Show a trailer for “Project Dark” was shown off, and now we know that title to be Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls. From Software will once again be developing the title, but this time around Namco Bandai will be publishing it in the West.

In this week’s Famitsu, many more details about the title were finally released and I can say this right now – I won’t be getting it because I will have to also budget for a new DualShock 3 controller or two, because it sounds so god-awful difficult that I might end up smashing some hardware.

Here’s a few things about the game:

  • It will be more difficult than Demon’s Souls (is that even possible?!).
  • The same theme will run through Dark Souls – trial and error (and another kitten dies).
  • There will be character creation and customization, as well as all your typical RPG fare like items, leveling up and all that good stuff.
  • The world will be large and seamlessly connected. Much like Oblivion or another sandbox RPG, you’ll be able to look into the distance, see a far away area and walk to it.
  • There are actually towns – or bases of operation – that you will start in and find at various points along your journey. No more creepy Nexus.
  • There will be online and co-op components, but not a whole lot was said about them. This time, though, the game won’t have its own servers, so there won’t be any server-based effects like Tendency.
  • It will be a cross-platform title, releasing on the PlayStation 3 in Japan, and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the West.

Hit the break to check out some of the first screens.

UPDATE: We now have a trailer, and we dare you to not be excited and frustrated at the same time!

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