DeNA Offers More Details On Miitomo, Nintendo Partnership

DeNA Offers More Details On Miitomo, Nintendo Partnership

At the recent Nintendo strategy briefing, the company’s first mobile game in partnership with developer DeNA was revealed. Miitomo functions as a communication-based service that uses players’ custom Mii characters to interact with one another. While it may not be exactly what fans were expecting out of Nintendo’s first foray into mobile games, it is just one of many titles that will come out of the partnership.

DeNA held its own earning results briefing last week, and a subsequent Q&A revealed some additional details about what the company is working on with Nintendo. One of the more interesting tidbits discussed was the idea of “free-to-play” games and how some titles may be monetized.

During the briefing, pay-per-download was only mentioned as an example of various possible options for monetization methods. We believe that monetization methods must match the gameplay, and this approach hasn’t changed. The apps in our pipeline, for which we currently have an idea of the type of gameplay, will be free-to-play (free-to-start). We believe that the business scale will depend on the individual app’s gameplay, monetization points and average revenue per user (ARPU), and therefore, we are unable to discuss specific details at this time.

Miitomo is planned to launch in over 100 countries and the game will reach a very large number of users. The DeNA Q&A revealed some of the plans to make the game function on a global scale:

Miitomo’s gameplay will be centered around communication. DeNA has accumulated extensive knowledge from its own services on how to enhance user communications and user enjoyment. Therefore, Nintendo and DeNA are working together on Miitomo for the overall gameplay. Global or not, our strengths lie in infrastructure and back-end operations which are crucial for handling heavy user traffic.

Additionally, DeNA revealed that the partnership with Nintendo is not limited to any specific time frame, and they hope to move forward and make the scale the business “as big as possible.”

Miitomo is scheduled for a March 2016 launch.