Descend into the Underworld with Star Wars: 1313

LucasArts give us a glimpse into the grim, criminal underworld of 1313 in this brief web documentary. 1313 appears to be a much darker and hellish place than Star Wars enthusiasts are used to, located deep underground, it is populated by criminal gangs and other unsavory characters. Phil Szostak (Continuity Designer, LucasArts) describes the journey to 1313 as ‘a literal journey into Star Wars hell’. That sounds fun! But seriously, it is great to see LucasArts taking Star Wars into a new direction that seeks to offer players a mature and compelling narrative, grounded in a harsh reality of crime and corruption.

LucasArts is still yet to announce a release date for the game, or even what platform(s) it will be released on. However, the game is using highly advanced technology, both graphically and in terms of the game’s animation pipeline, so it is likely that players will have to wait for new hardware before playing Star Wars: 1313.

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